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Light Me Up, 2017 10x10in Acrylic on Canvas

Welcome! I am so glad you’re here.

I’m Kaci and I want to help you live a totally badass life.

I've been a student and practitioner of Experimental and Intuitive Art, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Meditation, Law of Attraction and Reiki for years. I have finally brought my love for all of this here, to help change the lives of anyone willing to take the journey with me with a focus on helping people like you break through the barriers of our everyday lives.

I approach art the same way I approach life, in a loose and unscripted way that gives us a lot of freedom. I like to break the “rules” and show people what’s possible when we open our minds to something new, again both in art and life. I love leading others in a way that allows you the ability to make your own choices and find your own voices. Finding myself through Intuitive Art has helped me find myself in every other aspect of life as well and I want to share what that feels like with my community. Everyone can tap into the badass and/or artist inside of them, even if you don’t know it’s in there. I truly believe creating art helps us tap into something deep inside that is an indescribable magic.

Full workshops coming soon!

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Who is #MightyKaci

I'm an artist, a healer, a giver, a lover, a creative and a thinker. I believe in magic, miracles, manifesting the life of my dreams and spending my time doing what lights me up. If you are like me, you want more out of life than what we've been conditioned to believe is possible. I've claimed my right to have it and I want to help you do the same. Together we're going to tune in and allow our intuition to guide us in art and in life, breaking the chains of self limiting beliefs along the way.

Where is #MightyKaci

You can currently find me working on a number of projects in my studio from developing coloring books to creating and leading art workshops virtually and in person, painting on canvases big and small and putting the finishing touches on one of my recent Live Wedding Paintings!  You can also find me on all your favorite social media accounts, links are below.

I love color, lots of color, bright colors, jewel tone colors, dark colors, pale colors, neutral colors and dripping colors. I paint in ALL the colors! My style is experimental and intuitive, abstract expressionism. Was that enough words? Simply put, I love to put paint onto canvas, move it around, put more on, take some off and watch how it all reacts and moves. Every painting tells a story, and every person reads that story in a different way.


After too many years living the life I thought I was "supposed" be living I woke up and decided to start living the life I really wanted to be living.


I'm also a 30 Something year old Wife, Dog Mom, Favorite Aunt, Oncology Nurse, Coffee Lover and Road Trip Enthusiast.

Come find me!

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