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Light Me Up, 2017 10x10in Acrylic on Canvas

Welcome! I am so glad you’re here.

I'm Kaci, an Abstract, Intuitive and Experimental Artist. Finding myself through Intuitive Painting has helped me find myself in every other aspect of life as well and I want to share what that feels like with my community. Everyone can tap into the creative force inside of them, even if you don’t know it’s in there. I truly believe creating art helps us connect with something deep inside that is an indescribable magic. I'm also a 30 Something year old Wife, Dog Mom, Favorite Aunt, Oncology Nurse, Coffee Lover and Road Trip Enthusiast.


What is Intuitive Art?

For me, Intuitive Art is getting quiet, listening to our inner guides and moving paint across the canvas in tune with that energy. It's fun, playful, free and unplanned. It's focusing more on the process and than the outcome and enjoying the journey. It's for everyone and speaks to our souls. Every painting tells a story, and every person reads that story in a different way.

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