Houston LGBT Wedding Expo

As a big supporter of LGBTQ rights I am super excited to be a vendor for this weekends LGBTQ+ Wedding Expo! It’s hosted by the Rainbow Wedding Network and will be this Sunday January 20th at The Grand Rose event center in Tomball Texas.

From their website…

“How We Began… Same Love, Same Rights™ is a division of RainbowWeddingNetwork.com, and was created in 2004 in response to the first Federal Marriage Amendment Act.

In 2000, RainbowWeddingNetwork.com was launched by founders and life partners Cindy Sproul & Marianne Puechl as the first wedding gift registry ever specifically dedicated to the Gay and Lesbian community. The site, which then also included a Directory of LGBTQ-friendly wedding professionals and LGBTQ ceremony tips, quickly grew to become the most extensive online LGBTQ wedding resource, receiving over 1,000,000 hits its first six months of existence. In 2003, the company began producing many of the nation’s first Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expos – and as the issues surrounding LGBTQ Marriage Rights and Equal Rights for LGBT Families became more heated throughout the country, the team of RainbowWeddingNetwork (RWN) decided to bring a stronger sense of Activism to the Expos and to the company’s work generally on behalf of LGBTQ weddings. With the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment Act in 2004, the founders of RWN moved forward with the Same Love, Same Rights™ campaign in full force.

With a diversity of outlets, the RainbowWeddingNetwork Family provides gay and lesbian couples, as well as our advocates, immediate access to resources to enact real change and to connect with likeminded individuals and business professionals who also believe in the importance of lasting Equality for all LGBTQ citizens in every state throughout America.

Our mission is to bring a higher level of true cohesiveness to the LGBTQ community, as well as a renewed sense of legitimization concerning our vision for equal rights in marriage and in creating and protecting our families.

Across America, over 19 million citizens identify as gay or lesbian. Add to that number our brothers and sisters who are bisexual, trans-gendered, queer or questioning, along with our community’s advocates & allies… and we become a powerful minority that must be recognized! If we each take an active stance, and take responsibility for the ongoing pursuit of Equality within our nation, there is no doubt we will achieve lasting Equal Marriage and Family Rights within our own lifetimes.

JOIN US!  We hope you’ll add to the conversation with us on Facebook, Twitter, or choose to attend one of our LGBTQ Wedding Expos. 

Get Involved! Together, we make Equal Rights inevitable.”

So excited! If you make it out come by my booth and say hello! I’ll be raffling off a $700 Wedding Painting Service gift card AND a $100 Amazon gift card!

If you still need FREE tickets, you can grab them HERE!

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