Plus size girls just wanna have fun…

Who remembers the plus size coloring book project I started at the beginning of the year?? Yeah that one. 

Well, like most things, it took a little longer to get going than I expected. But, I’ve found my groove, organized my time and have really been making some progress lately. Things are officially “moving right along”. 

In fact, they are looking really great! I still have several designs to go, and I’m still collecting submissions from plus size ladies wishing to be featured. But, I’m loving the process. This is a project that is super inspiring for me, being a plus size lady myself, so I have high hopes for it. So often we limit ourselves and our bodies based on what we think we are capable of, or worse, worthy of, and I wanted to depict plus size beauties living their best lives. I think I’m accomplishing that task.

This project came on like most others. I went out looking for a plus size coloring book and didn’t find one I really loved. So, I thought… I’ll make it myself! And the idea for the Plus Size Coloring Book was born. Here’s a little sneak peak of one page and you can follow along here, facebook or instagram to stay in the loop! Now be a dear and share this with your plus size friends!

Until next time… #StayWeird 

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