Wedding Color Palettes

OMG, as an artist sometimes it is so hard to narrow down a color palette! I just love them all. That’s one reason I love doing wedding paintings so much! It gives me preset wedding color palettes to work with that already have so much meaning to my clients and lets me just dive right into experimenting with how they move and react to each other.

I can get lost for DAYS going through color inspiration boards and even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it.

So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite color palettes for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter weddings for 2019.

Spring Wedding Color palettes
Spring 2019
Summer wedding color palettes
Summer 2019
Fall wedding color palettes
Fall 2019
Winter wedding color palettes
Winter 2019

These were from the Magnet Street Wedding Color Trends Article and you can see the full list HERE.

Some of these are a little offbeat, but I LOVE that! Especially the one for fall, kind of nontraditional, but no ever said I played buy the rules.

Is yours on this list? Do you have your colors already picked out? I would LOVE to see them! I’m sure I’ll have a new favorite!

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